This one is easy.

Whether you are Catholic or not, all you have to do is join.  It is as easy as filling out a registration form which you will find here.

What does registration in the parish mean for me?
1. It means that you are considered a full member of the community and will receive the full support of the parish staff.  The staff will be happy to help you with any questions or directions you might have.  Each staff member is in full compliance with the directives and guidelines issued by our bishop to help ensure that your expectations of the highest quality of services are met.  With many decades of total experience in the administration of parishes and in ministry, we look forward to helping you discern where the Lord is directing you.

2. It means that you have access to all of the programming and service opportunities that are offered to parishioners.

3. It means you can begin volunteering in the many parish activities that are offered, especially in leadership positions.  While there may still be additional requirements that may be needed (such as a background check and safe environment training if you want to volunteer working with children), registration is the first step.

4. Registered parishioners are given priority when there are limitations on resources.  The pastor will come to your home for a house blessing if you desire, and he will be available in case of emergencies.

What is expected of me as a parishioner?
1. It is expected that you keep the precepts of the Church; namely, that you will attend Mass on a weekly basis, that if Catholic you will go to confession at least annually, and that you will support the church financially as your means allow.